Friday, April 17, 2015

Can the Political-Financial Power Complex be Redeemed?

Back in the eighteenth century, Voltaire wrote that, “With Great Power, there must also come Great Responsibility.” Stan Lee echoed the sentiment in his first Spiderman comic book in 1962. Recent financial leaders have shown no such affinity toward responsibility. Instead, the Big Six bank leaders exercise a historically dangerous power while enjoying Washington’s full ideological and financial support with no strings attached. Lax regulators, politicians eager for lucrative private sector jobs after public service and we taxpayers, subsidize them. Their firms’ fraudulent practices transcend borders. During the past three decades, America’s most elite bankers have worked strategically to bend the banking system, the laws, and the federal government to support their supremacy. Read the complete article at --

Thursday, April 2, 2015

What is Power?

Power is ability to move someone or something from one place to another, to do something or not do something.

● Power consists of persuasion or force.

● Persuasion is when the cause of movement or action comes from within a person or thing.

● Force is when the cause of movement or actions from outside a person or thing.

● The promise of a reward or threat of harm is a form of persuasion.

● Physically pushing someone or something from one place to another is a form of force.

● Laws are a form of persuasion.

● A prison is a form of force.

● Money is the greatest instrument of persuasion.

● Money only exists by persuasion.

● The larger the number of people that act together, the greater the power.

Become aware of the power matrix in which you and the rest of us live. Many uses of power are done in the open, but many others are being done in stealth through mass communication systems and social media without our being aware of them.

Cogitate on this for a while!

The Country Cogitator